Legal declaration

The web site visited by you is operated by the Díjnet Zrt.

Detailed data of the operator of the web site:

Díjnet Zártkörűen Működő Részvénytársaság (Díjnet Private Company Limited by Shares)
Trade Register number: Cg. 01-10-045817
Registered office: 107-109, Budafoki Street, Budapest, 1117
Taxpayer identification number: 14113765-2-43

The web site can be used under the condition that the user has previously read and accepted these conditions of service provision. By entering the web site, users acknowledge that they have known these conditions of service provision and accept its provisions as obligatory for themselves.

The content of this web page is available in Hungarian and in English. The two versions may differ from one another; in the case of any divergence the Hungarian version shall prevail.

Our client service will be ready to give information for the better understanding of the content of the web site and the concepts described in it via electronic post-office box.

1. Rules of data management

When entering our web site, our servers will automatically log the users’ IP address, the type of the control program and the browser program used by them as well as some other information. We will utilize these pieces of information only in aggregated and processed form for the purpose of repairing any possible fault and improving the quality of our services as well as for statistics. The IP address and the log file may be qualified as personal data in some cases.

The operator will request no personal identification code (e.g. PIN) or bank card data from the visitor. The operator will assume no responsibility for the damages resulting from the provision of such data.

2. Links

The web site and our services included in it may contain numerous such connection points (links) which may lead to the web sites of other service providers. The operator will assume no responsibility for the data and information protection practice of these service providers. Anybody may use a reference to the web site; however, the mode and scope of the use shall not injure the conditions defined in Point 4 of this declaration, no frame system can be prepared around the content of the web site and no content impairing the reputation of the operator will be allowed.

3. Exclusion of responsibility

Seeing that the Internet is an open network which cannot be considered secure, the operator excludes all liability to meet any damage claim arising from the destruction, delayed arrival or other failure of the messages forwarded in electronic form. The operator will assume no liability for the damages resulting in connection with the web site from its use, status unable for use, improper operation, breakdown, line or system failure, if these originate from the unauthorised change of the data found on the web site independently of the operator or by another outsider person, or for other similar reason. The operator will assume no liability for the damages occurred as a result of the infections, attacks and the data theft, data loss originating from these or because of the change of the data by anybody.

4. Copyright

Unless indicated otherwise, the content of the web site is the intellectual product of the operator so it can be used within certain legal limits. The user will not be entitled to modify, reproduce, publish, lecture, distribute the materials found in the web site or use them in another way for the purpose of publication or commerce. Under these conditions, it is forbidden to use these materials in other Internet sites or computer network systems for any purpose. The content found in the web site is subject to copyright protection and its use will conflict with the rules concerning the copyright, patent, trademark protection and other legal rules and will result in the legal consequences defined there. However, the operator allows the users to store on their computers or print the extracts of the web site for their own personal use. On the other hand, the operator’s previous written consent will be necessary for any use for business purposes.

If the user voluntarily sends any material (including all files including text or other codes, files containing picture, sound materials and files including picture and sound materials simultaneously, any executable or non-executable file) to the operator through the web site, by sending the materials voluntary the user accepts that the operator will obtain non-exclusive right of use for the material sent voluntarily without paying any compensation and thus these works will be used (replicated, distributed, lectured publicly, published, reworked, exhibited or cancelled) at the operator’s discretion.

5. Miscellaneous provisions

The operator will be entitled to modify the content of these conditions within its scope of authority at any time therefore we recommend that you should study the web site again from time to time for you can always have the valid information.

6. Failures occurring

The pieces of information shown in the web site will be published only for information; the Díjnet Zrt will assume no responsibility for their accuracy and updated status. The valid conditions of the iCheque service are included in the General Contractual Terms of the iCheque service provider.