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What is this iCheque?
iCheque is an innovative mobile application: by means of it you can pay your bills in a simple, quick and comfortable way. In order to use it, you will need only a smartphone (Android, iOS Phone) and Internet connection.

By the help of the camera installed in your mobile telephone, you capture the so-called QR code found on the postal cheque (yellow or white) or letter of bill and containing all the data necessary for the payment of the item to be paid out and you can initiate prompt payment (if you have a bank card suitable for paying via Internet). The transaction performed with the iCheque application will be qualified as bank card purchase, so it will not mean any extra cost for you.

How secure is it?
The product is a smartphone based mobile payment solution. The iCheque offers the opportunity of payment in a very cost-effective way independently of the bank and the GSM service provider by using the Wifi/GPRS data transmission feature of the mobile devices, laying emphasis on the user’s adventure and simplicity. The operation of the system takes place on the basis of the hardware, software and human resources established in our sites through info-communication channels installed with multiple error allowances and equipped with high-level protection in 24 hours on each day of the week, with an operator’s supervision. The tolerant architecture implemented according to the bank’s standards and with the security and protection solutions required by these will ensure permanent availability at the highest level.

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