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Díjnet in the iCheque

Besides settling QR code based payments, the iCheque Mobile application is capable of settling the bills presented in the account of Díjnet users.
To settle your Díjnet bills with iCheque you only need to complete the following setup:
1. (If you don’t have it already!) Install the iCheque Mobile Payment application on your device.
2. In the main menu choose the
[Setup / Info] -> [Services] -> [Díjnet bill payment]
3. Input your Díjnet login name and password.
4. Click on the OK button
In case you input correct data the "Service activation successful" message appears on the screen. After the setup, every unpaid bill in your Díjnet account will appear under the [Pending bills] submenu of the main menu immediately. In order to pay the bills, choose a bill from the list, input your bank card data, your payment password setup during the installation and click on the OK button.
Bills paid in such way can be found later under the [Paid bills] menu and their status also changes to Paid state within the Díjnet System as if they would have been settled within the Díjnet.

How can I redirect the bills in my Díjnet account to iCheque?
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